Available Small Munsterlander Puppies

Announcing the whelping of Pearl’s roan female pup on April 29th, 2023!

Small Munsterlander Pearl
Small Munsterlander Pearl

Warm Winds Blaz’n Fire is now our B litter, and she will be a strong and willing hunter just like her sire and dam. People who express interest in our pup could have hesitations about taking on a singleton due to the possibility of behavioral issues they have heard of with a singleton. We would like to reassure anyone interested in this pup that we are doing everything we can to ensure that this pup grows up to be a well-rounded dog and not one with behavioral issues.

This is the second singleton we have raised now, and the last time we followed our breeder’s (Brush Dale Kennel in Maquoketa IA) explicit advice on what one needs to do to raise a singleton, in addition to the advice on puppy culture.

  • We are using neurologic stimulation, which has been proven to help the pup cope with stress as an adult.
  • We do our best to “imitate” litter mates that are constantly disrupting each other’s napping and nursing abilities. These minor stresses help prepare the dog for major stresses as an adult.
  • We follow the advice from Puppy Culture that says to give the puppy massages a few times per day to mimic the physical stimulation it would receive growing up with 6-8 litter mates. The pup will have an enriched environment in their backyard pen; lots of various toys and a kiddie pool.
  • As the pup matures, we don’t tolerate “bad behavior” from the pup, and we strive to teach the pup the meaning of the word “no” and the command of “come”. No biting, nibbling with those deadly puppy needle teeth!
  • The pup is raised in our house, which has a doggie door so she will be well acquainted with using one; we will do our best to house train the pup aside from that, however, we can’t guarantee any accidents!
  • We plan on introducing the pup to other young dogs who are current on their vaccines and have play dates when it’s more age appropriate; the invited dog gets to take on the role of the Manners Police.
  • We also ensure that the pup is exposed to as many other people as possible and different experiences, such as going to a lake, car rides and short hikes at the ski resort nearby. We will try to get the pup introduced to birds at a local hunting preserve. The pup will not live in a vacuum.
  • The client who purchased our singleton from the A litter has happily agreed to accept phone calls or emails from anyone interested in how his pup turned out. Please contact us and we will provide that contact information to you.

Whether or not you had any questions regarding a singleton pup, we hope this helps!

Puppy Buyer Questionnaire

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Puppy Buyer Contract

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Price of puppy

Please contact us directly for inquiries about the puppy. Also, if you refer someone to us and they mention your name, the buyer will obtain a 10% discount!

We require a refundable deposit of $450 to hold a puppy for you from a Current Litter or Planned Litter. If you want a puppy from a Current Litter (i.e. puppies have already been born), we highly recommend you make your deposit at the same time you submit your Reservation. Otherwise, you will need to make your deposit when pregnancy has been confirmed for a Planned Litter. The deposit is refundable, so long as you cancel no less than two weeks prior to Pick Day. The remaining balance is due when you pick up your puppy or just prior to us shipping your puppy to you. You may make your payments using PayPal (click Make Deposit button above).

If we ship your puppy, you will also be responsible for reimbursing us for all shipping-related costs. The shipping costs usually total $500-$550 for an 8-10-week-old puppy; please understand that this price could easily go up with our current fuel inflation. We prefer to ship on the flight with the shortest total travel time, even if it's the most expensive, with American Cargo. Ground shipping options are also available. PayPal will not refund its 3% service fee six months after payments are made. Puppy deposits made via PayPal and refunded six months or later will have the PayPal fee deducted from their refund.

The Pick Order

Making a deposit holds the next available puppy from the upcoming litter. Deposits are ordered by date only. Most people submit their Reservation prior to making a deposit. The Pick Order (order in which puppies are chosen on Pick Day) is determined by a combination of category order and reservation date.

This is the category order in which reservations are placed by date to create the Pick Order:

1) Bitch and/or Stud Owner Keeping a Puppy
2) Repeat buyers-Hunters
3) Hunters
4) Repeat buyers-Non-Hunters
5) Non-Hunters

After puppies are born, buyers who made deposits are contacted to begin the process of determining the Pick Order. At that point, the sex of the puppy is taken into consideration. Some people may pass on a litter if there aren't enough puppies of their preferred sex available. Someone may decide to take a puppy of a different sex from their initial preference. No one is ever locked into a puppy of a particular color. Buyers may select any available puppy of their reserved sex on Pick Day. Therefore, the more flexible you are about litter, sex and color, the more likely you are to get a puppy, especially if you aren't at the top of the Pick Order.

Preferred Homes

We prefer to place our puppies in hunting homes and will only consider a non-hunting home if the puppy will receive regular off-lead, hunting-type activity; or will regularly participate in activities that utilize his/her natural talents, such as hunt testing (e.g. NAVHDA, VHDF, UKC, AKC), ACK tracking, AKC Agility, AKC Obedience, or AKC Rally. Although Munsters are probably the best house dogs of all the versatile breeds, they were bred to work and need mental stimulation and regular physical activity for optimal health/happiness and to be calm household companions.

Most importantly, Munsters require regular, off-lead exercise that includes the ability to hunt something. "Something" does not necessarily have to be game birds. Hunting, whether it be for furred or feathered game, requires the same basic skill-set. Therefore, it doesn't matter if your Munster is hunting ground squirrels, he will be using the same basic skills as if he were hunting pheasants.

If you cannot take your Munster somewhere to run and hunt off-lead for at least 20 minutes, 4 days per week (approximately every other day), this is not the breed for you. Ninety percent (90%) of behavioral problems we see are completely resolved or helped tremendously by giving the dog more off-lead, hunting-type exercise.

We also require our puppies go to homes where they will spend sufficient daily, quality time with their owners. Munsters require a lot of human interaction and will become depressed if regularly left alone for long periods of time. If your Munster will be left alone for several hours a day, such as while you are at work, we would like you to utilize an outdoor kennel for her. Even if your Munster will be in the house with another dog, spending 8-12 hours per day, 5 days a week inside does not provide enough mental and sensual stimulation for an intelligent hunting dog. Outside, your dog will be able to see and smell the many things going on around him and you will come home to a much calmer and happier dog.